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Daniel Stewart Clinic – Pressure Proof Your Riding!

Join us at the barn for an educational clinic featuring Coach Daniel Stewart. Learn the path to “Pressure Proof Your Riding.” Coach Stewart is an international trainer who has worked with riders of all levels, including US Equestrian Team Riders riding for World Championships, World Equestrian Games and the Olympic Games.



The Clinic and Seminar:

Saturday and Sunday, Nov 2 and 3, 2019 at Edgebrook Equestrian Center. 

Riding instruction is demonstrated in a group format and unmounted seminars will also be given on improving your mental game and physical fitness. The clinic is designed to instruct you how to use your strong leg and seat with your mental focus to teach you how to succeed in the ring.  Riders will be grouped into jumping heights based on ability and trainer placement.

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Have you ever gone into the ring ready to win only to be distracted by a forgotten course, a missed distance or gait, competitors?  Pressure proofing your riding can make all the difference in your success! 

Physical Training Gives you a Whole New Look… Mental Training Gives you a Whole New Outlook! Riders continually encounter mental and physical challenges and how we handle them greatly influences our ability to succeed.  Join us for a fun and motivating series of unique mounted clinics and inspirational workshops and seminars that create strong minds (confidence, self-belief, willpower, focus…) and strong bodies (core strength, stamina, suppleness, balance…)

PRESSURE PROOF CLINIC:  Unlike any clinic you’ve ever experienced, these show jumping and flat clinics are designed to help you match your strong leg and seat with equally strong focus and confidence. Join Coach Stewart for a challenging yet motivating riding lesson that will teach you how to overcome show jitters, distractions perfectionism, pressure, overthinking and dwelling on mistakes. Learn how to match horsepower with willpower!

SPORT PSYCHOLOGY/RIDER FITNESS SEMINAR: Based on his books Pressure Proof Your Riding AND Ride Right. Discover how to improve your focus, confidence and courage by learning a series of unique and surprising tools that’ll help you overcome fears, pressure, show jitters, negative memories, mistakes, doubt and more. Also, see how nutrition and fitness play a role in your ability to perform and be successful in the ring.  See how easy it can be to turn set-backs into comebacks!

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