Edgebrook is available to rent for clinics. Clinicians like Daniel Stewart and Ronny Riemer have hosted clinics at Edgebrook. If you are interested in hosting a clinician at Edgebrook, please contact Sayer.

Some feedback from several of our clinic participants:

  • Daniel helped with my confidence, timing and stride counts. Plus he is really funny!
  • I tend to look (and think) about only my next jump. Daniel taught me to think about my entire course.
  • The exercises and groundwork were amazing. I’ve used what I’ve learned all year. Can’t wait for the next one!
  • Daniel taught me so much about timing. I never thought much about it before…. but I certainly should have! I know this is going to make a tremendous difference in how I ride.
  • I have been taking lessons for a long time and I love my trainer. Daniel gave me a different perspective that has benefited me so much. I’m glad I got my weekend with him.
  • I like to be perfect and can get really down on myself if I don’t do well. Daniel taught me that you learn more from mistakes than successes. I’m not going to focus on my mistakes or lack of perfection; I’m going to focus on having fun and enjoying it and always, always learning and doing better next time.